WIESENKNOPF® substitution in day-care facility for children and substitution staging posts

Since 2015, WIESENKNOPF® has been supporting public youth welfare offices with substitutes in the sector of childcare, first as a pilot scheme and now as a central partner of the City of Leipzig. Short- or long-term loss of regular childcare opportunities due to illness or, for example, the nanny's holidays, as well as closings or transition days at the day-care centre, are particularly difficult times for parents. Our company, in cooperation with Leipzig's public youth welfare offices, individual day-care centres, various kindergartens or as a private day-care service, can take care of children during these periods, guarantee solid care and thus avoid stressful situations for the parents and their concerned children. Our central based establishments are located in the centre of Leipzig and are easily accessible for all parents, even by public transport. Parents can use this service for free if the responsible of the day-care centres and kindergartens or the day-care centres and kindergartens themselves have a cooperation agreement with us. Substitute day-care providers are certified childminders who have been approved by the youth welfare office in accordance with SGB VIII § 43. All substitute childminders have completed a first-aid course especially for children, have a valid certificate of good conduct, a health passport and a certificate of mental and physical health.