Könneritzstraße 77, 04229 Leipzig

The staging post for substitution in Schleußig is shop for children with 70 square metres on the road “Kö”. In the shop we have a huge slide with a ball pit and a castle to act as a knight, a king or a princess. Next to the big playroom there is a bedroom, a bathroom and an open kitchen. You can get to the forest very easy, because “Küchenholz” and “Auenwald” are just a 5-minutes walk away. There is also the nutria bridge where we watch the feeding of the nutrias quite often. They have their home not far from the playground in the Oeserstraße. You can get to us via tram 1 and 3 and via bus 74 and 60. The establishment exists since 2015 as a on-site childcare and since 1/12/2019 as a substitute staging post. Municipal and free providers of youth welfare can use the establishment in cooperation with WIESENKNOPF as a substitute childcare when the regular childcare is cancelled. The agency of free places is organised by the Municipal Child and Youth Work Association (VKKJ). In this establishment our childminder Sabrina Werner cares for the children.  She is approved by the Municipal Child and Youth Work Association (VKKJ) according to § 43 SGB VIII and is skilled according to this. We know how essential it is to have a working childcare and therefore all our substitute childminders have a substitution themselves when being sick or during vacation. Therefore, we do not have any cancellation, we can always provide substitution childcare for all providers, parents and childminders.



Regular, we are having the offer of making the acquaintance of our childminders for parents, providers and other childminders.


Please contact us if you are interested: vertretung.schleussig@wiesenknopf-leipzig.de


WIESENKNOPF® Vertretung, Ersatzbetreuung für die Kindertagespflege in Leipzig
WIESENKNOPF® Vertretungstagesmutter Sabrina Werner





My name is Sabrina Werner and I work WIESENKNOPF since two years. At the moment I am a substitute childminder in a substitute staging point. Actually I am a job-hopper, which means I help out when someone of our team is sick and cannot work. I really like getting to know new faces and encounter the children and their parents with a composure.




Die Anmeldung einer Vertretung im WIESENKNOPF Vertretungsstützpunkt, erfolgt direkt über das VKKJ mit Hilfe eines Antragsformulars unter: www.vkkj.de/vertretungsformular-kindertagespflege