WIESENKNOPF® Pedagogic concept


Our pedagogic concept is based on the situational approach and aims to foster the individual development in all daily situations, especially to discover the individual and shared discovery of the world as well as the social and communicative skills. We support children with different social and cultural background to design their environment self-determined and responsibly. With great tactfulness the welcare and care of a child is provided by the carer and an imaginative and a familial environment is established. The carer understands his work as a supporting companion and as a attentive observer of the children. He or she gives impulses and supports the child within the activities. Here, the exchange between parents and the carer plays a main role which is provided by a short talk before delivery and after the pickup about the experiences of the day. To ease the transition between parents and the carer, we take up the rituals  and daily structures of childminders and kindergartens taking into account the education and development programme of the Free State of Saxony. We provice a place where children are encouraged to find their expression in a playful way and to unfold freely. We are responsible companions of children in their self-development and we try to corroboratively support them in their daily examination of their environment. We go into the children's special needs and foster their individual aptitudes and capabilities. We support the development of mental skills and interests in the sectors of media, environment, linguistic education, mathematic education, sports and exercises, health and nourishment, music and aesthetic education with a great spectrum of offers. We would like to foster the independence and self-activity optimally with great empathy and to help with words and deeds. We see our responsibility likewise in the task to anticipate resolve the difficulties of individual children so that every child is happy and successful. The meeting of maximum 5 children in heterogeneous group, even though the groups are modified quite often, is affected by fixed rules, rituals and tasks and so the children have a transparent and secure environment which they can shape and take active responsibility for. A respectful and trustful handling is therefore very important for us and children are supported by a fair and equal cooperation. Next to the daily routines just as shared meals, playing and discovering together, being a lot of time outdoorsy – either in parks or at the playground,  the child and the carer encounter each other on a creative basis.