WIESENKNOPF® Daily routine


The WIESENKNOPF daily routine is oriented on the theories of Saxon kindergartens. In the morning and in the afternoon children have free playtime,  time to be creative, to explore their childlike curiosity, to read and look at books, to make music, to dance, to do handicrafts, to play outside and to explore their environment. The outdoor area and the interior room are designed as a place for shared activities, to expand the horizon of experiences of the children and offer the possibility to run riot or to calm down for an imaginative or individual play. The pedagogic offer of the carer is oriented on the child's interests and needs. Their cognitive and sensorimotor skills are supported such as a social cooperation. About noon (11.30) all children are brought together for a meal and this promises a reliable haven of tranquility in the daily routine. For us, a healthy, well-balanced, rich in vitamins and child-friendly meal is important. After that, we have about 2 hours of calming down and sleeping in a shared bedroom. At 3 pm we have vesper and then, the children can play and use the offers for example of theatre, dance or handicraft works. The daily routine is an orientation and is fitted to each individual need. Age-related and therefore varying eating and sleeping times, such as an earlier lunchtime or a nap in the forenoon are always integrated into the daily routine.